Thursday, July 03, 2008

Theme Thursday = Shoes

Since I don't think about my feet much,
unless they hurt, this is another interesting theme.

As a kid, I always wore Converse, remembering too,
they lasted as long as a pair of real Levi Jeans
at the time, which meant for years at a time,
as opposed to a few months or a yr or less
now a days.

As I got older, I elevated my feet to
Thom McCans "Desert Boots."

They too lasted quite awhile and were
more comfortable than any shoe I wore
up until then.

Bet that tells you alot.

But then, I left home and Earth Shoes arrived.

Yes, this lad had a pair and, yes, you guessed it,
they were the most comfortable shoes and lasted
as long as I wore them, until I passed them on.

Birkenstocks never appealed to me, yet
I know they are comfortable from what
people say.

Yes, this seemed to be the beginning of
the gas lines, odd/even days and water
shortages and conservation in California.

Like the old timers talking about the Depression,
we learned early about shortages and have
made an attempt to continue doing so
through the years.

Because everyone knows everyone out here,
and we are in the middle of a very large
Red State atmosphere, I kept thinking
what can I wear that wouldn't hit anyone
over the head, and these shoes have been it.

Seems I've come full circle with the Converse.

Happy Feet - Paolo Conte


mouse (aka kimy) said...

I had a few pair of earth shoes in the day! and admit I've had a few pair of birks in years past, but they weren't the shoe for me as I think I'm too hard on them and I always had issues with the cork lining.

I love chucks and I need to find me a pair of those peace sign shoes!!

isn't it horrible living in a red state - I'm hoping this year we can turn that around and ohio and indiana will turn blue! wouldn't that be terrific!! I wonder if the peace sign shoes come in blue too?

Bobby D. said...

Converse sneakers always looked cool and always will.
(and you can dance in them)
I guess the favorite footwear of my youth were Frye boots. They lasted a long time. --and some hideously ugly wonderful leather sandals (handmade by a hippie at his leather shop.) I haven't tried birkenstocks or Teva s.

Bobby D. said...

OH I had a pair of Dr. Sholes (sp?) sandals. Wore them for a whole day.

Mary said...

I do love the Converse and always will. And they offer so many choices...

Merle Sneed said...

I wore Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars in high school. I've tried Birkenstocks but I am not a huge sandal fan.

Kurt said...

I had quite a few pairs of Converse in my day, mostly because they cost a fraction of other shoes back in the day.

DivaJood said...

Love the Converse All-Stars. Great shoe, bad for feet.

Squirrel said...

It's sad that Nike bought out Converse, but you can still find vintage pairs made in Italy or the US.

Kurt Cobain wore them, and didn't Patti Smith?

dennis said...

Dennis doesn't do themes. But red high tops would look good on Dennis. Is it fair that cats need two "pair" of shoes?

Bob Dylan said...

George Harrison loved wearing Converse Sneakers.

Bob Dylan said...

Roy Orbison was a wing tip man.

Fred said...

Is that "Shoe Boy" poster real? Was it a movie?

Coffee Messiah said...

mouse: Yes, Red State = Horrible
No, if you can find them, they're only in black! ; (

ched:Yikes, I forgot about those. I also had a pair of Fryes, as I was talked into buying them. The pointed toes were an issue, but man that leather!

mary: Did you get the Lennon? I'm still searching for my size.

merle: Sandals, Flip Flops, how do people wear those?

kurt: Yeah, but they lasted too. As well as Keds.

diva: Yes, not for long walks, to be sure.

squirrel: I didn't realize about Nike, oh my! ; (

dennis: Guess that's what you get for having 4 paws. Maybe wear skates on the back ones....

bd: Both scenarios make obvious sense. Thanks for sharing!

trustees:As I was searching for info on TM, I ran across the poster, for a real movie and there's a link, but I didn't pursue it and neglected to put it up. I believe the person made a documentary, as no one knew anything about the man.

cbb said...

How fun! That snappy Conte rag and those very fine shoes got me remembering that old slogan, all we are saying is give peace... a prance!

I want a pair. Where'd ya get 'em?

Coffee Messiah said...

cbb: We have most of his work and really enjoy his humor (when you read the lyrics) and his lounge style.

I tracked them down, as they are not made anymore! ; (

Anonymous said...

Converse high-top All-Stars were the only specifically-designed athletic shoe when I was in high school in Perrysburg, OH in 1963 - 67. I bought them and waited patiently for them to make me the athlete that I knew was hunkering in my doughy soul.

Coffee Messiah said...

phil: I understand what your problem was: You were waiting, instead of just "doing it." ; )

But, they lasted through all the abuse a kid could give to shoes far longer than shoes now.

Thanks for popping by!