Saturday, August 30, 2008


goddess of symmetry, from Taranto or Locri, c480

..... say you're in a room
and there's a beautiful fire
and you're looking out the window
but your eyes keep returning to the fire

this is what I'm thinking
the reason your eyes keep returning to the fire
is because it divides your sight
into left and right
and dark and light and dark
like a fine dividing wire

here's another thing
that I noticed last night
whe he kissed me over there
he usually kissed me over here, too

I must have known it in my heart
and with my inner sense of art
because when I kiss him over there
I never kiss him over here

it's the way of the world
people do it everywhere
if you're going to do it over here
then usually they do it over there too

symmetry is the way things have to be
symmetry is the way things have to be

or say you're at a table
and you have your forks and knives
do you move them around
'til you get them just right?
(this is while you're talking to someone)

or you work in a nightclub
and you notice that
even though you try to seat everyone on one side of the room
they always spread themselves out evenly from this side to that
like atoms in a model

it's the way of the world...

or say you're in an air show
and you're flying with two other pilots
and you want to do it right
because you like to do it right

and one guy is flying
at the tip of your left wing
and the other guy's off
doing his own thing
would it bother you?
it bothers me

it's the way of the world...

Jane Sibbery


lettuce said...

ooo i like this

asymmetry can be very appealing
but maybe thats further proof of the instinct for symmetry

tut-tut said...

I have a friend who literally feels ill when something is off kilter or asymmetrical. She must right it. I like this Jane Sibbery lyric.

dennis said...

Dennis would be the guy off doing his own thing.

Squirrel said...

My eyes would keep returning to the fire unless some kids were building a snowman outside then I'd get up and put a coat on and go outside to get a closer look.

maybe there is an instinct for symmetry and I don't have it.

Merle Sneed said...

I've been accused of having a touch of OCD.

tony said...

The World indeed has Invisible Patterns.Sleep Walking On A TightRope..........

mouse (aka kimy) said...

holy synchronicity batman!! what are the odds both of us posted a jane tune the same day!! and it wasn't even her birthday.

a goddess of symmetry.... - I wonder if monk knows????

Bob Dylan said...

I enjoy balance, but not exactness or conformity. Yet at a formal event I wouldn't be the one to wear the purple velveteen tux--I'd probably conform in that situation.

Coffee Messiah said...

lettuce: Thanks.

t & t: All in ones desire for sure.

dennis: Not surprising.

squirrel: Nothing in life is exact or perfect, that's for sure.

merle: Who says?

tony: Indeed.

kimy: Monk knows everything! ; )

bd: I'm with you, but find it hard to believe you'd actually wear purple velveteen anyway.

N said...

the words are assuring and scary at the same time.

Bobby D. said...

I've never known anyone with OCD. I suppose those people steer clear of me.

Coffee Messiah said...

n: Funny how that works out, isn't it?

ched: Me neither, at least so I'd know.

Anonymous said...

oh i love it! - it's so fascinatingly correct:D

Coffee Messiah said...

itcb: Thanks for popping by!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jane, I'm afraid
it bothers me as well.