Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

Remember reading about the child labor laws of long ago?
Appalling then, and unacceptable. Now, we don't care about other countries children working like this.
Why and how can this be, after all these years?

Probably, no nation is rich enough

to pay for both war and civilization.

We must make our choice;

we cannot have both.

Abraham Flexner


mouse (aka kimy) said...

it is a tragedy that in the 21st century children are still exploited as workers....

great illustrations (as always) happy labor day.

tony said...

The States Has A Proud History Of fighting for Workers Rights.
How Come your Labour Day isnt MAY 1st?

robin andrea said...

I like the quote. When you look at our defense budget it's easy to see the choice our country has made.

Happy Labor Day, coffee.

Bobby D. said...

Last month I also discovered the infant mortality rate in the poor areas of Memphis, TN rivaled that of many third world countries. We don't care about exploited workers elsewhere, but we also have a country that doesn't care about the physical and mental health of it's own people, if they have basic needs. I'm sure the decision to choose war does not include any real help for returning soldiers who are shattered either.

Good question Tony--why isn't our labor day May 1st?

Squirrel said...

Nice visuals.

Coffee Messiah said...

kimy: Not only that, but not caring. Quite a travesty.

tony: You're right, at least until Reagan got into office, 1st as Gov. of Ca, then Pres. It's been a steep decline ever since. The tide should turn in their favor again and soon I hope.

robin: Why spend here when you can do so elsewhere? ; (

ched: It's an irony that has not been lost on me for many years!
; (

squirrel: Hey Thanks!