Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Effigy Mounds, Iowa

We took the 6 mile hike and only saw 2 others coming
down the hill. We passed no one either way on our way
back down either.

It's said at one time, more than 10,000 mounds
were in both Iowa and Wisconsin. There are
less than a third left.

Today while scanning a book for Cleveland, I came
across some info that Kimy may be able to confirm:

At one time, pre 1911, at Sawtell Ave/ East 53rd
near Woodland Ave was a Mound site.
Like so many others, the man who found it, did
some digging, gave some artifacts to the Historical
Society, but still paved and built over the site.

This is what happened to most others too.

Eagles Nest, built to scale by Scouts

The Grotto - Dickeyville Wisconsin

On our way back to Illinois, from the Effigy Mounds
in Iowa, we passed this in Wisconsin and had to stop.

More info and pictures are in the link.
Interesting, was that the man who found and preserved
the Mounds did so, at the same time this Priest was working
on this little project that was built between 1925 & 1930.

It's an amazing site to see all that he used.

Have a Nice Day! ; )


tut-tut said...

What indeed is paved over and therefore below us as we go about our daily activities . . .

I had to chuckle over the admonition concerning darkness after 5:00, though.

Kurt said...

I've never heard of the mounds or, more likely, I have and I've forgotten.

The Social Reformer said...

the grotto is fresh!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

it always amazes me about how one can take such a long hike and encounter so few others.... makes one wonder.

speaking of wonder - wonderful photos.

regarding cleveland mounds - I know woodland ave and can picture the area of woodland and e. 53rd - it is an industrial park near a very distressed neighborhood - never heard of any mounds nor have I actually heard of sawtell ave

I'll ask em as she was anthropology major at csu and I know they studied burial mounds at one point - though I only remember her mentioning mounds way south of cleveland....

Megan said...

I've got to get out more.

Great photos!

I love the sign that says, "due to darkness..."

Coffee Messiah said...

t & t: Once you get that far, late in the day, I can assure you, getting back while dark, without a flash light would be tricky!

kurt: Me neither, until I moved out here. In these parts, the Mound Builders were plentiful at one time.

rubenh: It was, and Thanks for stopping by.

kimy: The book is Cleveland Artworks 1911. I'll send the PDF. I ran across two pgs.

megan: It caught my eye the same way.

Unknown said...

I remember visiting mounds on several of my western trips. The sign in the first photo says much.

Thanks for allowing me to tag along.

Merle Sneed said...

The photos remind me so much of my boyhood in eastern Nebraska. Thanks for the memories.

dennis said...

Dennis heard of some mounds near maybe um, Columbus Ohio.

dennis said...

Dennis could hang out in that grotto for a good while. It has a nice vibe Dennis bets.

tony said...

You Have Sent Me On An Internet Journey to Find out more! I too had never heard of them.Thank You Coffee.

B said...

wow the eagles nest built to scale is so beautiful.

Squirrel said...

I would like to visit some grottos and mounds.

Coffee Messiah said...

nick: Yep, you just don't see too many signs like that, do you?

merle: Never been to Nebraska, sounds like a nice state also.

dennis: It's quite interesting, except for the fake deer! ; (

tony: They were a large group of people, the native american Mound People. Then, disappeared.....

red soul: That's what we thought. Sadly, we did not see any eagles this trip.

squirrel: I'm sure you will one day.

N said...

the 6th pic just took my breath away. seems to have a wonderous place. ah! i need to get out before i forget what nature looks like

Coffee Messiah said...

n: Or before it disappears completely! ; (