Monday, September 22, 2008

Have you ever read Jack Londons "The Road?"

I have recently and if you're curious about tramping
and train hopping, it's well worth reading.

You may be able to find it at your library,
or there are reprints too.

Not too long ago, people hitch-hiked and rode the
rails from place to place, looking for jobs and food.

Seems like we're back in the thick of it today,
but none of these interesting interactions
occur, like they did once before.

I will follow-up on this song
and our weekend on Wednesday:

The Backbone of America is a Mule and Cotton

Tony: What a great photo, and if I had something
to sell, I'd have you take the picture. Thanks to
your son too, for being such a good sport.

And I'm glad the recipients enjoyed the project! ; )

And Thanks to you all for Ls Birthday wishes.


tut-tut said...

Looks like an excellent CD package!

Unknown said...

I love the Mule and Cotton song! And, I need to read the Jack London book.

Bobby D. said...

Tony's son is nice looking too. I will look for the London book--I would guess at least one person in my family has read that (we have a London fan here) love the hobo package.

Kurt said...

I love stories about the olden days when people cared about one another.

Merle Sneed said...

I still care about Kurt.

dennis said...

Dennis is curious -- coffee gum ?

dennis said...

Dennis cares about Kurt on alternate tuesdays

Joanne said...

In the whole scope of things and the age of our country, it really wasn't too long ago that people hitched and rode the rails, seeking jobs, food. A few generations.

Coffee Messiah said...

t & t: Thanks.

nick: Don't know the year it was made, but surely fits todays mood.

ched: This made me want to read more JL also. His sense of daily struggle is so similar, somehow its comforting.

kurt: People still care, it's just hard to see sometimes.

merle: There seems to be too much sympathy for Kurt I think.

dennis: That's what it says on the package. Not sure I want to try it though.

joanne: I still remember when people hitch hiked, and when and why they stopped. The rail riding was before my time.

Mary said...

Jack London? Surprised I haven't heard of it. I have to read it!
I love the picture!

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: Yep, JL it is!

Anonymous said...

Have you read Jack London's Star Rover?

Coffee Messiah said...

jh: No I haven't. I'm looking at his catalog and trying to make a move on another book. Other than this one and Call Of The Wild, that's all I've read of his up to now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Miles said...

one of my favorite reads from london. earlier this year i spent an extremely pleasant afternoon at the quaint old cottage, communing with the ghost of jack, just a stones throw from his ill fated wolf house in the valley of the moon.