Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Happy Birthday, L !!!!!
Look forward to seeing you again Fri! ; )

Birth is the sudden opening of a window,

through which you look out

upon a stupendous prospect.

For what has happened?

A miracle.

You have exchanged nothing

For the possibility of everything.

William MacNeile Dixon


bitchlet said...

The key, of course, is to realise that the part of the window that you have shut is obstructing the light.

tut-tut said...

What a window it is . . . .

Happy birthday to L!

tony said...

Happy Birthday 2U !

Squirrel said...

It is indeed a miracle --happy Miracle Day Anniversary to L and to them which loves her dearly.

Merle Sneed said...

Best wishes to L for a happy birthday.

This was a great post, life is so amazing.

Kurt said...

CD arrived safely and we are enjoying it very much here at the house.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.. How do I always miss this date. Happy Birthday to my Sister Lisa!
Have a wonderful day!
Love, Sharlene

robin andrea said...

A wonderful poem for L's birthday.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

happy birthday to L and may you have a great time on friday with coffee!

lovely photo & lovely poem.

Coffee Messiah said...

bitchlet: Very true.

t & t: Thanks.

tony: Thanks too.

squirrel: Many Thanks.

merle: Indeed, and Thanks.

kurt: ; )

shar: Thanks. We're not so good at that either. Love U 2!

robin: Thanks.

kimy: Thanks, and sorry to get an early start on the theme. Had to though. ; )

tony said...

The CD arrived this morning.Hey! Its Brilliant! Many Thanks & Good Wishes.

Bobby D. said...

That CD is great--I listen to it in the morning before and during my coffee time...

windows are amazing. I read a book called The Big Windows by Peader O'Donnell--very good.

Unknown said...

I felt as if it were my birthday when I found the package from you in my mailbox. The CD is fabulous and more! I have listened to it three time already and have playing again now.

“Thank you” doesn’t express the joy that the music gives me, but I say Thank You anyway!

Megan said...

How do I get one?

Bob Dylan said...

Happy Birthday Dear L.

edward said...

happy birthday to you,
L is a nice name.

N said...


my mind's been on a similar theme with the approach of yet another birthday. those words.....somehow, make sense in the madness in the head right now.

Anil P said...

Happy Birthday to L.

'For the possibility of everything' is such a powerful line.

lettuce said...

it must be such a staggering experience for babies... no wonder they sometimes cry!

greetings to birthday L

Anonymous said...

When a baby is born it should have a lot more to look forward to than this world currently offers, Coffee.

If we had our hands on the levers, it surely would.

Take care, friend!

Anonymous said...

The pics are hilarious (to me; maybe it's just me) and I don't really get the quote. Maybe 'cause I was (seemingly) unconscious at my birth... I don't recall exchanging anything for anything! Heh!Heh! Like I said, maybe it's just me...

Coffee Messiah said...

tony: Thanks and glad you enjoyed it!

ched: The book sounds good, and you're too kind!

nick: Surprises are always nice.

megan: It was a Limited Edition but can send a copy of the cd and tracks. Contact me.

bd: She's Thanking U! ; )

edward: and to U 2!

n: Its indeed madness, but we need to make it otherwise!

anil p: Thanks to you too.

lettuce: Thanks. I just don't remember that far back. ; (

david: As always, very true. But why do we end up like this?

decker: Of course, to remember would be something, wouldn't it? You know there's no right or wrong way to interpret what you see or read. ; )