Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a surprise to receive some Kona coffee from my
friend hR9 this past week. From a small roaster,
one man on the big island of Hawaii.

Results, French Press = Very nice
& a Big Thanks 2 Ya! ; )

And received the latest OPE from Kurt.
Result = Goes well with coffee! ; )

click to enlarge picture

This is from a pamphlet about the Magyars
of Cleveland, Ohio, 1800s. They're from Hungary
and had a large presence in Clevelands history.

What caught my eye were the paragraphs under
"living conditions. "

The link is from Harvard and the short pamphlet
can be read there if you are interested.

On another note, in reading a historical
photographic book, I came across some
interesting information about Cleveland
around the 1830s. Seems there was a
4 year or so Depression at that time also.

Seems these cycles do come around
more than we realize.



tut-tut said...

I think a french press makes the best coffee. Happy Sunday to you!

Merle Sneed said...

OPE goes well with any beverage.

Anonymous said...

Hey, u know I couldn't go to Koffee town & not think of you!

I pictured Dr. Evil, pinky to mouth: "are they evil coffee houses?"

Coffee Messiah said...

t & t: Yes a french press, if it isn't an espresso! ; )

merle: Of course. ; )

hR9: Thanks again, he did a nice job of roasting. Smooth and no after taste.....The Magyar story is amazing, or at least who wrote it up.

dennis said...

Dennis watched the video and now he's going to dance for awhile.

Kurt said...

So nice to see OPE and coffee together. Glad you liked!

Anonymous said...

My dad's baby sister married a man who came from the Cleveland Magyar group (on his mom's side) They often had 4 single people share 1 tiny room with a cot in it--they would sleep in 8 hr shifts. You got 8 hours in "your room" and that was it. The rest of the time you spent at work or in the coffee house or tavern. You washed up with a jug of water and you used the outhouse, and that was your life for many years. Organized dinners and social events were done through the local parish, and the Church stood nearby. There was no wandering more than a few blocks from your boarding house ever.

Jerez Sherry said...

Coffee Messiah, love your

I enjoy my coffee too.. Nice post. THanks for visiting my blog..

bitchlet said...


Coffee Messiah said...

dennis: I never saw Philip Glass's music used like this. This troupe is good!

kurt: Since L was away, it made sunday go by a bit faster and funnier, Thanks! ; )

anon: This country is made up of so many people from all over the globe. Although the coffee part caught my eye, after reading the whole pamphlet, I realized these people too back then made a great effort to work hard and find a place here in the usa. I like what you shared. Is there a place to read some of this too????? Thanks for leaving a comment! ; )

sherrie: Thanks for stopping by!

bitchlet: K.........

Joanne said...

Four year Depression around the 1830s ... History does have a way of repeating itself, doesn't it? Not sure if that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of coffee, thanks for "the Box"! Man, "Java" brought back memories! My parents had an Al Hirt lp with that on it.
Makes me want to write my own coffee song.

Anyroad, you know I'll iPod it. Now I'm off. I'm jonesing a latte for some reason.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

there are many fascinating magyars living in lakewood - one of ms. t and my favorite stops on our regular rounds is tommy's bakery which is run by a wonderful man and serves as a local magyar hangout! tommy's pastries go wonderfully with free trade coffee...when you come to cleveland and I'll brew you up some of my special blend and we can try a sampler of tommy's treats!

that dance troupe is outstanding! I checked out the introdans website to see if they tour....they are on the move, but it doesn't seem as if they've are planning to do north america anytime soon...but it would be a perfect group for the cleveland art museum viva! series

j is for java!! you rock coffee! thanks for the tunes!

tony said...

I had never known of the Magyars .interesting stuff.THANK YOU.
Also, (my ignorance) Philip Glass was always just a name i read in the Quality Arts Reviews...........
I now have a pair of feet & tune to whistle along with that name.

Coffee Messiah said...

joanne: Although not welcomed, it appears we are on the verge. And looking at history, helps, if not just a little bit, to realize if you aren't keeping your eyes open, it'll all sneak up on what we are facing now! ; (

hR9: After 3 yrs, our machine finally broke. Waiting to send it in, so am french pressing (which we usually save for sundays and ol' man winter). Ordered a bunch of that coffee and thought I better spread it around. Makes the smoothest espresso. ; )

kimy: What's with the PO? I had hoped they'd arrive later in the week. They moved way to fast on this one. There used to be a German bakery on Irving St in SF that I'd go to before I'd get my coffee, way back when. A franchise bagel shop took their space and they went away. I'd gone there for about 15 yrs. The bakery you mention sounds terrific and L and I will surely find a way to meet you all. Thanks for the invite!

tony: I've been a fan for PG since he started on the scene. That song is from a film called: Powaqqatsi. Since you like photography, you should check it out. It's a powerful film.

Bob Dylan said...

Life would be bleak without coffee and tea.

Coffee Messiah said...

bd: Oh yes, Tea is good, especially the "quality" kind.

Jasmine Pearls are my favorite, but like many others too.

N said...

its the middle of the afternoon here. am at work.
just the title of ur blog wakes me up. have i told u that before? its sooo refreshing :)

me got a french press too for my birthday!!