Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm the real Maverick.

Accept no substitutes.

"You Betcha!"

1575 - Religious fanatics claimed that Coffee

was an invention of Satan.

Religious authorities in Constantinople

ordered coffee houses to close their doors.

A funny thing happened to us while waiting
for this movie to start.

A very good customer at our coffeehouse
walked by us and said hello.

When it was over, he was gone,
with nary a goodbye.

Something to ponder.

Worth seeing. That's all I'll say until
or unless you see it yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Big Bro-
Oh ya.. Troy and I saw the movie too. It is about time is all I have to say. I did enjoy the IQ comment very much as well as other things brought up in the movie. I won't write too much since not everyone has seen it yet.
Love you and hope you are well~ Lil Sis

Anonymous said...

Coffee, anyone who claims that you were invented by Satan will have to deal with me!

What a shame you're not running for President. I'd vote for you. Multiple times.


R.L. Bourges said...

just watched the Religulous trailer. Is this the movie for me?

Am I a Reformed Hopeful Adventist of the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Comings of the Prophet who screwed it up the First Time?

You Betcha! (hope the movie comes to France, except listening to a dubbed Bill Maher might be a tad annoying)

N said...

Love the coffee poem :) made me smile and yearn for some now.

Coffee Messiah said...

Little Sister: Are you trying to corrupt Troy? I'm sure he understood it and yes, we're struggling and OK.
Love to ya'll too. Hope we can get back again soon.

david: Yikes, not me. Couldn't play the bullshit game. Of course, I'd do the same 4 U if I were in your country. Cheers back to you and your family!

rlb: Theocracy seems to be a growing movement, or at least, people are more apt to speak their mind about all the hypocrisy of religion, at least when used as a manipulative tool. There were some interesting people interviewed and is well worth seeing.

n:That is from one of the oldest and 1st coffee companies in the states. Glad you enjoyed it.

Kurt said...

Say it ain't so, Coffee!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.. Troy is taking a class this year called Theory of Knowledge (TOK) this movie fits the types of conversations that are discussed in the class. He knows right from wrong so I do not worry about corruption. Gonna go make some coffee now. We had some rain last night and power on again off again until about 2am.

Struggling here too.
Love you!

Bobby D. said...

I too find Mr. Maher borderline annoying but just borderline , so I'll go and see it if Rev. Ike says it's OKay for me to go and see it.

edward said...

does this movie mention Deensism at all?

lettuce said...

"coffee doped with a heavy glazing"?

now, that sounds like an invention of satan

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: It's so! ; (

little sis: No surprise there but glad his school is dealing with critical thinking! Love you too.

ched: I was surprised and he starts out the film with his interview with his mom. There were a few surprises like one interview outside the Vatican. I'd like to see more of that conversation.

edward: Sorry, no! ; (

lettuce: Who woulda thunk?????

mouse (aka kimy) said...

how did I miss this post!

mcsame and ms pain's calling themselves mavericks really roast my beans! when it comes to coffee and cowboys, we should accept no substitutes...

not many do it better than bill maher. we saw him live when he came to cleveland on a tour a couple years ago - what a show and it was a packed and enthusiastic house which added to the fun