Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I had to add this. Today we found out our friend
Cinnamon @ Lew Wallace Study was a recipient
of this award and will be heading to DC.

We met when we had our coffeehouse.

Inside our local PO.

Click to enlarge to read a review
of my zine a few pictures below.

While I was working on my zine, I met
Rachel, who just so happened to live in
Mill Valley at the time.

We became friends before her book came out.

Last time we spoke, she was working on a book
about town welcome Signs, but haven't heard
anything in years.

You may be able to find this book cheap somewhere.

click on any picture to enlarge

Your mailbox is a Museum is a theme that
runs in the mail art world.

I was one of the 75 participants in this project.
Picasso Gaglione is infamous for all things
DADA and in the mail art world also.

He and his wife had a rubber stamp store
in SF, which is where I met him and many
other cast of characters.

My pal hR9 among them.
The cover above was the print copy of the zine
I put together once in the 90s. The printed
version was tan in color and was received
very well. Sadly I moved and my life had
changed so much I never did put together
another issue.

The picture of the ladies and MM was
made for me by Picasso.

click to enlarge

This interview took a few pages and I've received
many pieces of Clements art work.

I also was involved with a group called
The Underground Rail Art Group
out of the Pacific NW. Someone would
come up with an idea and send it along
etc, etc. Everyone would add or make
something of their own and then the last
person would send it to the recipient.

This book was made for me, and is comprised
of 4 stories and art that are called:

The Tale Of Four Lives.

Faux postage above is from my pal hR9.

and for your listening pleasure:


Joanne said...

Museums? I'll never look at my mailbox the same. Oh the exhibits!

Bobby D. said...

I've seen a lot of mailbox art over the years, but never thought to build one. One of my neighbors decorated her with fabrics over the years, and real cutesy stuff, but now she has a McCain Motif. It's cool that you participated in this Museum Mailbox project.

A friend surprised me with a sheet of actual postage stamps one year with a photo of one of my cats on it--for awhile the postal service stopped doing this, but now you can get them again.

Megan said...

I enjoyed this post very much.

My mother's one published article is a short piece she wrote for a short-lived zine called "Cow in the Road" - her contribution was all about how much she missed getting letters.

That was over twenty years ago...

Coffee Messiah said...

joanne: It's a large movement that's been around for years. And once you join in, the mail never stops.

ched: Amazing what people do, isn't it? Uh, I'd pass on the mc motif! ; (

megan: That would be interesting to read.....

bitchlet said...

I will read this in detail and come back later. Very Interesting.

Unknown said...

This is a new concept for me. Thanks for informing me.

Anonymous said...

Man, lots of memories. StampFrancisco was a magickal time for me for sure. Like going down the rabbit hole! My wife & I still smile when we think of how we used to drive the 80 odd miles thru that traffic for a 30 second fluxus performance! Picasso opened my eyes & made me rethink what "insignificant" really meant. I still have all the zines as you probably do. Several of yr "MailBox." A cast of characters as you say, glad you were among of them!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great post.... if it was a mailbox it would be overflowing with treasures.

R.L. Bourges said...

I'll be back to click all the pics because they look great. Loved the song - and kind of liked the idea of leaving a few stamps glued on the person's head as permanent reminders of unusual travel arrangements.

very cool post.

Bobby D. said...

My friends and I sent artsy mail to one another for no reason (and not realizing it was art at all. We simply tried to surprise... who could send the smallest envelope (they got extremely small. ) we were sending letters in florist card envelopes and pay envelopes and coin collector's envelopes. We'd make our our envelopes. I got a letter sent in an empty record album cover (something dopey like Pat Boone) and all of it arrived. Then the Post office started restricting things and all the rules-- our art suffered a great decline. I think I may try to recreate some of the stuff we sent and post about it.

tut-tut said...

Coffee, you are amazingly cool!

Georg said...

Bonjour Coffee,

Mailbox art. First time in my life I meet this kind of art.

The entry into your post office is splendid. I would like to linger there a bit.


Kurt said...

It must be nice to do things.

Coffee Messiah said...

bitchlet: Thanks for taking a look. And Happy Birthday! ; )

nick: It's been around for longer than I know.

hR9: Rabbit hole indeed. It's been very cool and everyone, and especially putting the zine together was very nice. The outcome, and Thanks to U 2 was better than I anticipated. I would certainly have a different look now. BTW, if there's anything we could work on or some project to add to, please let me know, we'd be happy to play. And my best to you and yours, as always. It's been a delight to have met and staying in touch through the ether etc. ; )

kimy: Thanks! ; )

rlb: It's all fun and everyone involved has their own story to tell.

ched: Yes, the guidelines are weird. But it shouldn't stop you.

t & t: No actually I'm ice cold.

georg: Bonjour, my friend. You know, there's so much in life we do not know about, it isn't funny!

kurt: You should know! ; )

lettuce said...

what a great post.
i had no idea

and love the song

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the set. Always a pleasure to see you have made a visit to the kitchen. LP

Coffee Messiah said...

lettuce: I'm glad you enjoyed that Woody Guthrie song, sung here by Pete Seeger. It's a favorite.

el pee: Always good stuff in your kitchen and Thanks for stopping by.

tony said...

The Whole Concept is Brilliant.Reclaiming Lots of Small Realities.'Love It!