Thursday, December 18, 2008

another poster we had in our coffeehouse

Dutch spies smuggled coffee plants from Mocha
to Yemen to Holland. The Dutch devotion to the
drink increased over the next few decades. The great coffee
empire encompassed the borders of
down to Arabia and over to Vienna.

Visitors to the area recorded what they saw:

"They sit around sipping a drink which imitates
that in the Stygian lake, black, thick and bitter."

Sir Thomas Herbert
Description of Persian coffeehouses 1620


edward said...

i love my coffee black - nothing to dilute the taste!
i would like to travel in a time machine to old coffeehouses.

tut-tut said...

If it is being served in tiny cups somewhere with a foreign flavor, then black. Otherwise, lots of milk (but no sugar).

Megan said...

I am reading a book in which the gentlemen spend quite a bit of their time in coffeehouses.

The women are not welcome. :(

R.L. Bourges said...

In Israel, they call Turkish-style coffee 'botz' which means 'mud' - yeah, it's that thick (but you let it settle before drinking, obviously)) :-)

(love your posters).

mouse (aka kimy) said...

next month I lead our bookgroup's discussion. I choose the book a history of the world in 6 glasses - don't know if you've read it - I expect so since one of the beverages (glasses) that transformed the world is coffee!!

if folks are looking for a good read and a good book for a holiday gift, I heartily recommend it!

I like my coffee strong, but I like a little milk and a little sugar in it....

Unknown said...

Through the years, as I have read your blog and learned new things about coffee, I have come realize how precious those beans are.

I love the song! Thank you for sharing it.

May the blessings of Christmas—Hope, Peace, Love & Joy— be with you in these Holy Days, my dear friend!

Kurt said...

I only have one cup a day, but oh what a cup.

lettuce said...

i never have sugar in drinks

but 'proper' coffee like this - expresso - just one sugar cube in a spoon soaked in coffee


Coffee Messiah said...

edward: That would be fun indeed, especially the lively conversations ; )

t & t: All sounds good ; )

megan: I would have had a hard time back then. I would have had a secret place for everyone to mingle ; )

rlb: Turkish and Greek Coffee are great, but not for those who like sweet, that's for sure. Although, when we go to a Greek Rest., the owners always ask and are surprised, when we don't ask for sugar ; )

kimy: You mentioned the book and should find a copy. Have not read it yet.

nick: That's very nice of you. Thanks and back at ya! ; )

kurt: BY the video I saw, it's no wonder you only have one cup ; )

lettuce: Espresso is always good, but if it's bad, even sugar doesn't help ; (

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi!Coffee Messiah,
I love to drink coffee!...this is how I discovered your wonderful website!...While perusing someone else website, I noticed your website name "Coffee Messiah" haha! and clicked it on immediately! and the rest as we
(they) say is history.

Now let me go check out! what
(Sir Thomas Herbert) have to say about his....
(Description of Persian) coffeehouses 1620
darkcitydame ;-)

ratatouille's archives said...

By the way, Coffee Messiah, I also like to read,(Books about coffee, tea and Chocolate.)
Books currently on the "shelf"
The Joy of Coffee by Corby Kummer...The Book of Coffee and Tea
by Joel, David, & Karl Schapira.

dcd ;-)

dennis said...

Dennis sees a trend, first a naked man in the last post, and a man in just a towel in this post. does this mean anything in relation to coffee ?

Coffee Messiah said...

dcd: Glad you found me out here in the land of the internets ; )

I'm reading a book called: The Empire Of Tea you might find interesting.

Kenneth David was an introduction many years ago ; )

dennis: Trend? I'd like to say it lets your inhibitions down. But not to worry, nothing scarier or not family friendly here ; )

edward said...

coffee gives you confidence!

Coffee Messiah said...

edward: I believe you're right ; )

Lena's world said...

Coffee, book, cheese, wine,bread and music. I think this is my wonderful life.

Haley D. said...

Your statements are pretty obvious to show that you seek peace in the future. I'm about as optimistic as it gets and I can definently see your point of view. I respect your blogs on equaty. Thank you for sharing your opinions with the world wide network.