Saturday, February 07, 2009

coffee culture

Coffee Culture drinking habits:

Italians drink their Espresso with sugar

Germans & the Swiss drink coffee
with equal parts hot chocolate

Mexicans with cinnamon

Belgians with chocolate

Ethiopians with a pinch of salt

Moraccans with peppercorns

Middle Easterners add cardamom
and spices to their coffee

What follows is my first attempt at making
a short film around and about our area.

This museum opened recently and is
in an old church that is being renovated.

Thanks to Ashley for speaking for us.

Link to the Founders Letter

I will get better at this.


R.L. Bourges said...

must be part I-talian: put sugar in my espresso too.

Love the ad: you gotta love a coffee "deliberately planned to please". ( They just don't do ad copy like they used to.)

Here's to the new day, cm. Cheers.

Megan said...

Grrr I don't like that when I click to comment the music stops.

But I do approve the Mexican way...

New Yorker wannabes said...

And Greeks drink "frape" (instant coffee with lots of sugar or not, milk, shaken in order to make foam and ice, nice for a hot summer day). I believe that frape is our invention, you can not say it is the coffee itself but the fact that we sit around drinking it for 3 hours, that makes the difference :-)

My roomates in Manchester were shocked when they realised that Greek people, when they say "lets go have a cup of coffee" they actually mean..."lets sit and sit and talk and oh well...drink a cup of coffee"

Take care
peace and love

tut-tut said...

Lots of milk in the morning; none at night. Have a nice weekend!

tony said...

All Worth A Try .although "salt" !!!! Dunno About that.........although, an Old Polish Proverb ,(that i just made up) "You Should Take EVERYTHING with a pinch of salt" so why not coffeee???:)

Anonymous said...

I was once in Sardinia, off the western Italian coast. The locals there drank their espresso black and quite thick, with an aqua vita chaser( many of you know it as Sambuca ). I'm surprised I remembered that. Oh yes, it's quite a pick-up.

Joanne said...

Hm, this American drinks coffee light cream, no sugar.

Dot-Com said...

Cool! I'll just have mine black, please :-)

Daisy Deadhead said...

Cardamom, really??? Gonna have to try that! What a great idea!

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

Coffee-Messiah, Hi!I'd like to add you to my list of Bloggers, and Links. May I?
Interesting post here, as always. Great list, and to Marianna--Didn't know that about Frappe' and the Greeks(I'm half-Greek).
Peace, kids.
Find me under Lisa Allender, at:
Open Salon

Tom said...

the Kinks are such an underrated band ... something between the Beatles and the Stones , but all their own . Love 'Ya really got me now' and Lola .
Coffee's great , but myself i'm a tea-o-haulic .

Anonymous said...

Never tried it with cinnamon!

billie said...

regular coffee with a bit of sugar and milk- nothing fancy for me :) although i do like vanilla flavored coffee once in awhile :)

Tess Kincaid said...

I'll take one of each, please.

e said...

It's decaf with lots of half and half for me! The stuff I drank growing up would have put hair on chests!

Unknown said...

... enjoying your blog!

Coffee Messiah said...

rlb:Hardly any real advertising at all really ; ( Very sad.

megan: Sounds good, doesn't it? !

marianna: Quite awhile ago, I knew an older gentleman who moved here from Greece who had a very fine coffee shop. We'd drink Greek Coffee and talk about life and politics. I like greek coffee, without sugar.

t & t: U 2 ; )

tony: Not sure about that one either, but may be good, especially if it were only a pinch or 2 of the real sea salt ; )

subT77: We'd certainly would like to be in Italy. Somewhere where coffee and espresso especially is the norm and made right! ; )

joanne: Sounds good any way, doesn't it.

dot-com: I'm with you ; )

ddh: Thanks for stopping by and I'm sure, if it were fresh cardamom it would be delicious.

la: Hello and Thanks. No need to ask ; )

run: I prefer Jasmine Pearl Tea myself among others too numerous and not in a tea bag to relate right now. We're Tea snobs too ; )

cinnamon: It sounds delicious too!

betmo: A hint of vanilla is nice once in awhile ; ) Thanks for popping by!

willow: Oh yeah ; )

e: Yep, I never liked coffee when I tried it around my relatives. It wasn't until I went into a real coffee shop with fresh beans that I learned why I never liked the other coffees.

sb: Thank and Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment ; )

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M.,
Coffee and Breakfast
I Like my coffee very strong until, I add creme and sugar and my coffee become very light. (with a Croissant(s) and eggs.

DCD ;-)

George said...

I think the Spanish drink their coffee with equal parts coffee and milk or "leche."

e said...

I'm having the same difficulty with the Fish Theme as you are with the letter Z! If you would like a replacement letter, try S.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

a tiny bit of sugar and splash of 2% - so what does that mean???

hey, we got some serious camera work here!!!

Merle Sneed said...

Coffee with a bit of 2% (half and half if I've stopped pretending I'm not fat). Nice od building. Thans for the vid. :)

Megan said...

That video was not there when I was here before, was it?

I love museums.

Avid Reader said...

I'm totally up for the peppercorns or cardamom. I always give my hot cocoa a dash of red pepper, but I never thought to add pepper to coffee.

Coffee Messiah said...

dcd: That sounds pretty good ; )

rad: That sounds bout right. Thanks for stopping by!

e: I agree, but I have a different take on fish at this point too.

kimy: It sounds like you've found your perfect coffee ; ) It was my first take too, so it can only get better, I hope.

merle: I prefer a wee bit of 1/2 & 1/2 if I have anything. Thanks for looking at the video.

megan: Are you sure it wasn't there before? We were the only ones there and perhaps for days.

ar: I've still not tried any real good hot chocolate with any other herbs or anything in it. I need to find a place that does that. I believe there's one in Chicago, but we always get coffee when we're there.

N said...

never tried it with the salt.....

been away a while :) got lots to catch up on.

Coffee Messiah said...

n: Hope all is well!

e said...

Hi CM,

Have you ever checked out a fair trade coffee/tea/chocolate exchange with an online store located in Bridgewater, MA ?

If not, visit

You may wish to add it to your already teeming and beautiful Blog!

Coffee Messiah said...

e: Thanks for the link ; )