Thursday, February 05, 2009

theme thursday = statue

Sculptor of Statue Of Liberty :

Frederic A. Bartholdi

Pertinent info can be read by clicking on SOL link.

When I saw this photo, I started thinking about
this statue could tell us, about all the people
came to America through Ellis Island and
she may have heard people say, their languages,
their hope, fears, excitement at being in
land of opportunity at that time in history.

And then I thought of this song:

This Is Nobody's Land
John Lee Hooker


Anonymous said...

Great song by John Lee. It still leaves me to question why. And I just knew someone would get round to her Libertyship. I've often wondered what my Grandmother and her kin felt as they neared the shores of a new but stolen land, as they fled from the Bolsheviks and the Ukraine. But I digress.

e said...

I also had immigrant relatives, almost all of whom ended up in the south...I've often wondered what made them leave and what they would think of the current situation. Will we still represent opportunity when this economic crisis resolves or will we all have to adapt to new ways of living?

Squirrel said...

this is the statue of all statues! at least for the states and those who come here searching for a future.

Squirrel said...

ps I love JLH!

tut-tut said...

A powerful angle, too. Great thoughts, as usual, CM. Now my head is filling up with thoughts.

superrawgirl said...

Great Photo! The meaning I get from the Statue of Liberty is that I have the freedom to be exactly who I want to be.

Kurt said...

My grandpa came through Ellis island in 1902 as a wee lad. Now he's dead.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wonderful perspective....

I love the view of the sol from the ferry - been meaning to return to ellis island for a's been over 12 years since I was last there and I've heard they have all sorts of new exhibits and areas opened up.

dennis said...

Dennis says what Kurt said except for the wee lad and Ellis Island part.

dennis said...

Dennis wonders what kind of coffee was served at Ellis Island?

New Yorker wannabes said...

oh...thank you for this picture. One day I wish I will be able to travel to New York and "meet" the statue of liberty. Hopefully 'she' will hear my hopes and excitement as well :-)

Take care now
peace and love

Anonymous said...

Well they say walls have ears..I guess statues do to. Each statue could write a story..any authors out there willing to imbue a statue with a tale?

Never heard JLH before..just LOVE the song.

Thank you!

lettuce said...

what a great photo of her

i've not yet been closer than a boat trip around the island...
at dusk
was lovely

R.L. Bourges said...

great shot and thanks for the link - I didn't know about the Pulitzer connection.

And JLH - hey, he gets a listen anytime in this house.

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon brought up an interesting idea. The gears are a crankin' in the ol' gray matter.

Tess Kincaid said...

Oh, darn. I was so caught up in my "e" thing, I forgot to do the statue theme. Next week.

I've seen Lady Liberty only once and she was so magnificent, I thought I would faint, looking up at her glory.

Megan said...

What a wonderful shot!

Colette Amelia said...

ahh from above! thought it was a bit blown up...but not with explosives through manipulation! we ever so enjoyed John while eating breakfast!


Coffee Messiah said...

subt77: It must have been awe inspiring, the land of milk and honey and your own initiative to get a start in many ways ; )

e: I'm sure for most of us, our descendants were all from european countries in one form or another. Regardless, those who haven't managed new ways, will soon have to. Where are all the jobs?????

squirrel: I remember visiting as a teen, but only remember going up and into the Empire SB. Not sure if the JLH song is easy to find.

srg: Yes, as it should be ; ) Thanks for stopping by too ; )

kurt: Hope you have good memories.

kimy: Thanks! Now I'm sure the walls of Ellis Island could say plenty.

dennis: That's a good question. I'm thinking it was pretty good back then. Not to many companies spraying and such ; )

marianna: The wind carries those all over the World ya know! Thanks!

cinnamon: He made a lot of music. He was unique and well worth listening to ; )

Thanks for your comment!

lettuce: It's a sight, isn't it!

rlb: Yowee, Thanks! ; )

willow: Don't worry,do whenever you feel the urge. Otherwise, it's no fun.

megan: It hit me the same way. I like seeing her from the top down. Gives a different perspective to be sure.

colette: Howdy and Thanks and glad you like JLH ; )

Tom said...

The SoL is one of the sites i've always wanted to visit, that and the Redwood Forests... of course they are both about as far away as they can get... nice post.

e said...

Great posting, as always, CM. Your letter for the word game is Z...

As for our rapidly disappearing jobs, too many have gone overseas because corporations are greedy, the others are disappearing because spending and credit are down the tubes, thanks to the banking and mortgage messes, both of which were sparked by dishonesty, greed, shady business practices and lack of oversight, which translates into no ethics and no sense of personal or civic responsibility...

I should start another blog for people like me: the ranting and still jobless librarian!

Thanks for the rant and JLH. He got it right.

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

Definitely a shot that most people do not get to see every day of Our Lady! That brings to mind the quote (I'm too tired to look it up) that says that the US should have a matching statue on the West Coast that's titled, "Statue of Responsibility".

Femin Susan said...

Nice shot.......

edward said...

statues are very popular today.

Mrsupole said...

Just stopped in from the Willow Manor and saw the "theme Thursday" and am willing to try. Do we have to do pictures, cause I always enjoy everyone else's pictures, but just finally got my first one posted this week. I have joined photobucket, but would like to try posting my own. I am still learning and almost all of my digital pictures have family members in them and they would not want me to post them.

So living in So. California, we are always in our vehicles and rarely walk, so I can see what we miss by seeing the pictures posted by those that do walk anywhere.

So I am going to start carrying my camera with me and see if there are any pictures I can find worth taking. City, city, everywhere out here. Miles and miles of it. So will be interesting to just see what I can find. I guess the sky is always there. But I love the pictures on The Gold Puppy and so hope to be inspired to see what I can find. But I guess I will have to actually leave my house. With a torn tendon in my shoulder I have been staying home for a long time now, and just starting to want to get out.

Must be spring fever.

Dot-Com said...

And what a sight it much have been when the French shipped her over :-) Love that picture!

ratatouille's archives said...

Wow!...What a nice "segue" speaking of, the French shipping lady Liberty over...Check out the link below...Nice! post for "theme thursday=statue."
Merci! Beaucoup!
DCD ;-)

Reyjr said...

Hi Coffee Messiah! I gave you an Honest Scrap award. Please come by and claim it from my blog! :D

tony said...

John Lee Hooker!!! Love That Bloke.The King Of America!

Anonymous said...

Never saw a shot of her from that angle before (which is odd, since it's from the torch. one would think...oh, well) Sensational image.
Then you paint a nice word picture of vigorous hopes, dreams, plans flooding by below her gaze, then John Lee comes on, tellin' it like it is.

Seems like a short post, but there's really a lot of content here.

Very good job, CM!

Coffee Messiah said...

run: Thanks for stopping by and for joining in.

e: Z???? Are you kidding? All i really know is zebra. Will have to tinker with this one.
Yes, we've come a long way baby, from industrial and union jobs to neither ; (

simstone: That responsibility statue should be in every town in the usa!

femsusan: Thanks for stopping by!

edward: Yes indeed.

mrsupole: Thanks for stopping by and as you may have seen, there are no rules ; ) There's more photo ops on foot in every town than you may realize. That's why you need to step out of your vehicle and walk around a bit. Hope to see you around! ; )

dot-com: It must have been and been most exciting too ; )

dcd: Hello and Thanks for that link. Never saw those photos and a nice blog about Paris too ; )

reyjr: Oh man, Thanks and I will post something soon, but no time now. I have another also from Kimy and neither one of you know how I feel about them. I'll integrate both in a post in a few days....

tony: He was a great blues man to be sure!

decker: Less is more ; )

CocoDivaDog said...

Good evening Coffee M.
Thanks to my double espresso this AFTERNOON, I am able to catch up with some blogging tonight.

That photo of Lady Liberty's crown can make some people down-right dizzy.

Am looking forward to Fish.

workhard said...

Wasnt this statue a gift from the french to the american people?????

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