Sunday, April 05, 2009

coffee tasting - Cafe P11


Guatemala is a neighbor of Costa Rica

The soil is similar to Costa Rica,
rich in nitrogen due to its volcanic nature.

Outside the old capital of Guatemala City, the
coffee terraced landscape is breathtaking.
The region grows the highest grades in the
world, a strictly hard bean, indicating the
coffee was grown at altitudes of 4500 feet
or higher. It produces a full bodied, acidic
coffee with a soft mild fruity flavor.

click to enlarge

Not long ago, I made contact with another
blogger in Guatemala, who happens to
produce coffee for sale. I decided to try
a new roast he produced and have been
impressed with the flavor.

Although a milder coffee, the flavor
is indeed fruity and even a bit chocolaty,
smooth with no aftertaste.

He sent me the song, that I used
on the following video. Please excuse
how it turned out. It is my first time
using the software.

When you have a chance, do visit
and say hello to Luis on his blog.

I'm finding, although we have never
met, we have a lot more in common
than we both realize.

Cafe P11


tony said...

Love The Music.Great Photos...Thanks for the link,i will go see him.Have a Good Sunday Coffee.

Anonymous said...

Great song, C.M. And the pics( especially the sunset with volcano in back-ground ). Will definitely check out the blog( adding to read list... ). Too, your description has me wanting a cuppa :P

P11 said...

Thank you CM, I am very impressed.

California Girl said...

The coffee bean poster is lovely and the music vid makes me want to dance.

Megan said...

Neat! I will certainly pay him a visit.

Thanks & have a happy week!

R.L. Bourges said...

beautiful artwork, Cafe P11's blog looks great too. Will leave a message soon.

And the song? Is French! By Serge Gainsbourg. Sounds lovely in Spanish, though. (Why do you apologize for the vid? looks great to me.)


N said...

now im craving for coffee NOW!

will visit the link, would be great to know more about coffee! :)

Coffee Messiah said...

tony: Glad you checked it out and my best 2 U 2!

subT: The coffee is very nice and light ; )

cafeP11: Thanks 4 that! And the coffee was very good, as I mentioned ; )

cg: Thanks for looking at it.

megan: Thanks for looking!

rlb: He's a designer too, graphic and coffee ; )

n: Thanks for looking and it's an interesting journey, as is anything you take the time to learn about ; )

dennis said...

Dennis has a lot in common with everybody too.

Mark said...

Great music, fun video! Thanks for sharing.

New Yorker wannabes said...

It is a lovely video the one you made...the song makes you wanna dance really. Amazing how many things one can learn from blogging lol

Thank you CM
Have a great week
Peace and love

mouse (aka kimy) said...

will have to remember to come back for the song with the vid, f cleaned the computer over the weekend and inadvertently disconnected the sound....I know what he'll be doing when he gets home a bit of computer troubleshooting! (the speakers appear to be on but no sound!)

have a great week. hope you are 100%

is it snowing in indy today.... it is here, has been all day, and just now are we seeing the snow showing.... guess until now the ground was too warm.... but I can feel it's no longer that.... brrrrr

Merle Sneed said...

Love the music!

Coffee Messiah said...

dennis: I bet U do ; )

mark: Thanks for taking a look.

marianna: Thanks for looking and yes, it's such a big world, isn't it.

kimy: Thanks, not yet, maybe 85%.

merle: Thanks for taking a look.

Reyjr said...

I would love to try different coffee from around the world! In the town where I work here in the Philippines called Batangas, they have a special local coffee they call Kapeng Barako. It's strong and full bodied. :D

Squirrel said...

Coffee is pretty.

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Thanks, for providing the sounds, the link, and the info(rmation) about Guatemala City too! other words, Thanks, for sharing!

(Dcd) ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

reyjr: Hey, the coffee is out there, you just need to find it ; )

squirrel: Isn't it? !

dcd: Thanks for taking a look ; )