Thursday, April 02, 2009

theme thursday = ten

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Unknown photographer, picture is of an
anti war
march along Market St
in San Francisco circa 1966.
Look at the
enlarged photo and read the signs.
(Different Wars, same problems now
and the war machine continues anyway, Grrrrr)
On the right is a glimpse of the
5 & 10 in downtown SF.

My only real memory
of being in there was when
my aunt took me
by bus from her house and
we sat at the
counter and ate a banana split.

She also bought me a stuffed monkey,

but I remember that huge banana split more.
Besides, what else do you remember as a kid?

Top 10 lists are everywhere.

Here's one I like.

Here's a complete list if you want more.


tut-tut said...

Books banned are always a conundrum; why? I'm sure the banners are not readers.

Candie said...

Great piece of work

Bleu Mariane said...

Sharp ! War...Seem's some things never change :o( . At least it is true for the banana split too :o) !

R.L. Bourges said...

I love the way you treated the type on the collage.

And war on poverty not on people? Yayyyyy ! At least the States now have a President who pays for his own renovations in the White House. Did you read about that? Very cool indeed.

That list of banned books... I'm with tut-tut. The only good ever achieved by a banning a book has been to make people want to read it. So... thanks to the banning committees? Sort of...

Thanks for the Neil Young and here's hoping you feel in top shape real soon.

Cheers, cm.

Wings1295 said...

Very cool post!

Squirrel said...

That's a LOT of top ten lists-- I read 8 of those banned books--

I wasn't aware they were all banned...

but the lists aren't perfect- the song "Sam Stone" isn't about heroin and they put it on the heroin song list-- Prine's song is about a Korean War Vet with a morphine addiction due to being given morphine in the service for his shrapnel wounds. Are morphine and heroin are the same drug? If so I'm wrong then. I am not a doctor.

Tess Kincaid said...

As a girl I would have chosen the monkey any it would be the banana split. Hands down.

The Clever Pup said...

Like the art and I will check out the banned books list at my leisure. Funny how I always thought you were a woman.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great artwork

the list of top tens takes ten cakes!! it's great, I look forward to coming back and checking them out....

although I haven't read as many as squirrel, I'm happy to report that I've read most of the top ten banned books, I think I'll put the remaining (3) books on my ever growing bucket list......ulysses has been calling me for quite some time.....

New Yorker wannabes said...

The list with the banned books made me realise that I've read 5 out of ten...I gotta read the other five lol


Anonymous said...

There's one book I don't see on here, by Agatha Cristie. I remember the original title was banned. And as one who has read most of these( especially Bradbury and Orwell )....

Dakota Bear said...

Welcome back to Theme Thursday.

Interesting picture! The war on poverty still goes on.

Kurt said...

When I was a kid, my housekeeper took me to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour for the free birthday sundae, after which I asked "Is that all I get?"

Squirrel said...

Feel better soon CM

so strange... Kurt just answered the question that was on my mind all morning--trying (& failing) to recall the name of the goofy ice cream parlor we went to in Los Angeles--it was Farrells!!!

I plan to have a banana split this week.

Brian Miller said...

great play today. i concur as well on teh banning of books. tis a shame to ban ones ideas, where does it end?

tony said...

Great Neil Young song.i dont recognise it? Wheres it from.?

Tom said...

You are right, there are a load of top 10 lists...even top 100 lists lately. I think i'll check out a couple of those banned books that i havent heard of before.

Coffee Messiah said...

t & t: No matter what is banned, it only makes people want to read/see/use it more. When will they learn?

cb: Thanks

mariane: Too bad, isn't it? War, not the banana split ; ) Thanks for stopping by!

rlb: Thanks for noticing. Although no one took a gander at the theater and that was a real movie at that time. Did you notice the mix of people and how orderly, compared to some marches and protests today? Cheers back and Thanks!

wings; )

squirrel: Oh my, I did not say the lists were perfect or even close. They were a list of 10 lists that I figured not many knew about is all. No matter.....and yes, people tend to read anything into something they don't want others to read/listen/watch or hear....did I leave anything out?

willow: I had that monkey for years and even a humpty dumpty. Long gone now though ; (

clever pup: Funny, I always thought you were a pup. ; (

kimy: Thanks for that.

marianna: There's a list I still have somewhere of 100 banned books from awhile back. I'd be curious to see how they've changed over the years, or if they have.

subT: I'm curious now about the Christie book ; )

dakota: Thanks and sadly yes ; (

kurt: You're not talking about the "pig trough" are you?

squirrel: The banana split sounds good right now, and reminds me L & I need to go and shoot some scenes at an ice cream parlor people travel miles to go to, before she leaves. And Thanks, I'm better today than yesterday ; )

brian: How true ; (

tony: from his blues album: this notes for you ; )

tom: It's amazing what people nearby want to ban. We've heard some doozies ; (

Dot-Com said...

Sure a lot of top ten lists - wouldn't have thought of them. Very inspiring.

lettuce said...

how apt that they're marching under the Weird Wicked World... Excellently done

Megan said...

I'd love a banana split right about now. I will visit the lists later on tonight.

Hope all is well with you.

Ronda Laveen said...

Great SF imagery. I don't remember being in the Woolworth's there but I was at the one in Stockton. My aunt used to take me there too. My favorite was their turkey club sammies.

Merle Sneed said...

My mother took me for a banana split downtown in Omaha. What a treat!

Banners of books are little people so unsure of their beliefs that they believe everyone is swayed by everything.

Anna said...

Oh, a 5 and 10. Very clever. I remember when that was THE place to buy things. I think I may be that age that marks the end of those memories. I like your connections. I'm also a new fan of Rupa and crew. I am a sucker for any music with cello.

Anne said...

what a perfect day for me to look in! the woolworths on market st. is a huge memory for me.

Anonymous said...

Your'e joking- all those books were banned? There were some surprises for me.

Woolworths has just gone bust in UK- people are writing books about their memories of the stores. We have just lost one in our local hight street- I used to by everything there.

Anonymous said...

C.M. see Megan's post or you can take the "bookscans" link off off my BT blog. Megan's wiki link covers most of it.

ArtSparker said...

My father used to take us to the museum on Sundays to give my mother a day off...the culture being a necessary preliminary to the ice cream parlor afterwards, was it walking distance form the L.A. Museum?

Fancy Desserts are the erotica of least, that's how I think of it.

Mrsupole said...

Was interesting that almost all the women were in dresses or skirts. I think I was a senior in high school before we were allowed to wear pants to school. They did have Free Friday where we were allowed to wear really nice pant suits. That picture reminded me of that. Times changed and now they wear almost anything. Gotta come back to really explore the lists.

Thanks for the picture of a protest where they are all also on the sidewalk.

God bless.

Coffee Messiah said...

d-c: Yep, I guess everyone has 'em.

lettuce: Thanks for catching that. Whenever we went DT there were many "lusty porn" theaters right there on Market St.

megan: Yes and Thanks ; )

ronda: Never ate anything else at WW.
I remember Stockton, only when we went when I was young and drove through town and heard the stories about the Chinese Immigrants building the railroad through there.

merle: You pack a lot in so little ; ) How true I might add....

anna: We're getting older, aren't we ; ) Since I no longer live in SF, I really like this particular song ; ) Thanks for stopping by!

annie: Hi there stranger. Hope all is well your way ; )

cinnamon: I have a list somewhere of many more that make you ponder how ignorant people are and how uncreative and shallow their thinking is ; (

subT: Thanks

artspark: Oh yes, I believe that's a good analogy ; )

mrsupole: Different times to be sure, but still a time of racial differences. Yet, they were all together and not breaking windows and orderly in order to make a point.
I remember my family members always wearing suits, hats, dresses most always. Those were the days.
Thanks 4 stopping by!

California Girl said...

PERFECT song! Great Theme Thursday idea.

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

Some things never change, do they Coffee? Same arguments, different times.

Mark said...

Cool picture! I love it! It is a shame that it is timeless.

Baino said...

Gah! I wish they'd left Ullysees on the banned list!

Kris McCracken said...

I like the notion of a top ten list of top ten lists of top ten lists.

Coffee Messiah said...

cag: Thanks for stopping by!

simstone: Yep, those who value life, want to snuff it out. Doesn't make any sense to me ; (

mark: Sad, really.

baino: It's on someones list. I could have found a more definitive list, but chose this one for the unknown factor.

kris: It could go on and on, couldn't it?

CocoDivaDog said...

hello coffee,
some things never change: war...banana splits...
My junior high school students LOVE reading books from the banned book list.
cool post!

Reyjr said...

My gf's niece loves her stuffed monkey. I'll tell you in a few years if she remembers it at all. Haha. I didn't have any as a kid so I can't say! :p

Spadoman said...

My birthday is the Tenth of May.

Book banning. I wonder if the people who banned them read them. Then they got to read them anyway, so why ban them?

My oldest daughter once said about burning the flag, "The best reason not to burn the American flag is because I can." (Maggie, 1989)

As for the stuffed monkey, well, there is a resurgence happening right now here in Spadoville. All the Grandkids want sock monkeys! I'll bet they'd want banana splits too if they were offered.

Coffee Messiah said...

auntie: Thanks!

reyjr: )

spado: Hello, old friend and happy early birthday 2 ya! ; )

Sock monkeys, they'll never die ; )