Thursday, June 10, 2010

this 'n that 2

Phil Frank is no longer with us. He was
a cartoonist in the bay area and a neighbor
in the town we both lived in. He had a
small houseboat in the marina where
he'd draw his cartoons.

He made this for our store. This is a
copy, as the original is put away.

We made a few different busy-ness
cards for the store. The one above
is one of them.

Tmplgrl and I met through mail art
a long time ago. I hope one day
soon she can continue to pursue
her writing and drawing!

There's only a note on the back of this.
Not sure who I received this from back
in the early '90s.

Was involved in a group called UGRA for awhile.
Underground Rail Art. Many people making
projects, sending them around as add ons,
and eventually going to a lucky recipient.

This is from Gorey Lorey.
I owe her a coffee cd too.

Received this from Wendy W. back in the day.

Received this in '96 from Ruud.


California Girl said...

cool cards and very cool song. how old is that song anyway? sounds like the Fifties or is it just supposed to?

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M., and C.G.,
I have to agree with California Girl, nice envelope(s) art,(?!?)
and cards. Nice sounds and a very funny video skit.
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

P11 said...

hope see soon ME open again.

Tom said... it. very funny vid, and cool cards...gonna have to send ya something one of these days--and i'll be puttin' my coffee cd back in for another listen!

Sam Juliano said...

Sounds like Mr. Frank was a revered local, whose loss was deeply felt. Lovely art work here and another bouncy ditty. Always a sparkling remembrance, and a toast to great things gone by.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Thanks for the meander! -J

Coffee Messiah said...

cg: 50s, to be sure.

dd: Thanks for stopping by!

cafe p: Hey Thanks, but once was enough!

tom: Thanks for stopping by.

sam: Thank You.

j: Thanks for stopping by.

Spadoman said...

Great collection of art cards, and from friends, makes them priceless!
Do you miss the coffee house ownership?
I recently returned from yet another journey. I didn't find any new places to sip java, but it is great to visit my old haunts as I travel through.


Coffee Messiah said...

spado: Hi there and Thanks for stopping by. Will look in soon!
In a larger town, it could be fun, out here, don't miss it. Ceptin' for the free coffee anytime and fresh!
Can't picture you sittin' still, but glad you do once in awhile.
Our best to you and the family!

layers said...

cool cool and neat neat-- love dada and fluxus and Yoko Ono is one of my favorite fluxus artists... all your cards shared here are very smart and art-y

Coffee Messiah said...

layers: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, so many creative people out there.

Anonymous said...

I am a lucky recipeint of another

limited edition coffee cd!

One day,

they will talk about these compilations, they will try to buy the compilation copyright,

and worship you as the TRUE


of coffee.

Coffee Messiah said...

gd: Ha. ha.....glad it arrived safely!

Anil P said...

I remember Dadaism - rebellion with a mission. Several years ago a friend and I got hold of a book documenting the Dadaists. I did not get beyond the page that showed a lavatory seat exhibited! I suppose they wanted to make a point.

The first image is a great one. Almost mistook the character for a portrayal of a Sikh, the flowing mustache and all. Are his works collected online?

I wasn't lucky enough to have a cartoonist for a neighbour. I've envied and admired cartoonists for their skills.

Cow-organisation, well, I suppose it's time :-)

Coffee Messiah said...

anil p: He worked for the San Francisco Chronicle and a google search at the paper and perhaps elsewhere should come up with links to his cartoons. That was Baba and integrated into many toons.

The last image was made at the rage of mad cow.......