Saturday, September 11, 2010

i am not a number

Originality exists in every individual

because each of us differs from the others.

We are all primary numbers

divisible only by ourselves.

Jean Guitton


California Girl said...

GREAT piece! I had to reference this with Google as I'm not familiar with "The Prisoner"...or am I?

my husband remembers this.

indybev said...

This piece has so much to say! You've illustrated the point so beautifully. Thanks for bringing your talent to our challenge! (Never late until the next Tuesday!)

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is fun.
Wonderful art.

Tom said...

wow...i like every bit of this post, from your great art down to the awesome quote. i wish they'd put the old Prisoner back on TV...the only thing i remember is the wacky white beach ball.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

most excellent.

loved the prisoner - do need some reruns and WHAT A QUOTE.

love the concept that each of us are are prime numbers


Coffee Messiah said...

cg: ahhh, those were the days.

bev/sandy: Thanks.

tom: Thanks! You know, "the truman show" was a remake of the Prisoner?!

Wait, here comes Rover now........

kimy: Also nice
to be in our prime ; )

Tom said...

cool--i didn't know that

Just Another Film Buff said...

Aha, I've got some big catching up to do at the site. Where is that image of the couple from, BTW? Looks like some Hitchcock movie!

Taluula said...

Ooooh, superb! You have such a brilliant sense of humour and the talent to illustrate it. Bravo.

Sam Juliano said...

The Prisoner is a great show, and I love the way you wove it into the underlying theme of this piece, Michael. Recently we had an excellent review of this classic series in the blogosphere by Roderick Heath:

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
I must agree with the previous commenter's...What a "unique"
collage. Unfortunately, I'am not familiar with the show the "Prisoner," but if it's on DVD (Box set?!?)
I will seek it out to watch.
Once again, thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

jafb: Do you really want to know? Since you asked, the photo was clipped from a little booklet entitled: Our Amazing Times, The Challenge and Meaning of the World Shaking Happenings of Our Day, 1947. One of those religious doom and gloom books, Always good collage findings in these ; )

taluula: Thanks so much.

sam: Thanks and did read the review and was great. No time to comment but will later.

dd: Thanks for stopping by. Hope you like t, although there are a couple of episodes that weren't that good really. Overall though, a series that makes you think a little, at least when I was a kid.

John said...

I recently watched the 1978 film BLUE COLLAR which contains some of the same themes you express here, that is man's attempt to be more than just a number or a pod or a face in the crowd. How there is always a force trying to keep you down and in your place. Well done piece CM, one of my favorites!

Coffee Messiah said...

john: Thanks.
Will have to look into the film you mentioned. I've not heard of it.