Sunday, November 28, 2010

post 450 - for max - RIP 12-9-2010

Have you ever seen someone one minute,
and all is well, and the next, it isn't?

Awhile back, our friends husband Max,
seen in the picture below, was told he had
a cancer growing, then, it disappeared.

2 weeks ago, he didn't feel like eating
or drinking and his wife took him to
the doctor. Long story short, the cancer
is so bad, surgery can not help.

We went and saw him a weak ago Fri,
and although obviously week and
losing weight, he had thanked us
for coming.

Today, he was sleeping and although
sipping at a juice once in awhile, he is
not eating, nor taking any pain pills.

I had many ideas for a collage,
and the above is what I ended
up with.

Max in '08 looking at Bernice's quilts.

Max died 12-9-2010 around
1 AM in his sleep.

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Reya Mellicker said...

What a great song choice. Made me cry.

I'm very sad to hear this news about your friend. Sending love.

karen said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I have to agree with Reya...on the song choice.
take care...

Anonymous said...

Coffee Messiah your experience reminds me of a friends blog "living and dying with eyes wide open" I too am sorry to hear about your friend. Wishing you warmth for sharing. Terrill

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Cat trapped me and I sat for a while, here, in thought...
sometimes,'lost in thought' is the only place that makes since. -J

California Girl said...

I like the collage and song choices. What can one do but hope and pray for the best for your friend?

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M. and C.G.,
C.M., I'am so very sorry to hear and read about your friend "battle" how very apropos...your collage.
But, most importantly, I noticed the puzzle pieces indicating to me at least that life is a puzzlement.
Thanks, for sharing...I will say a silence prayer for Max too!
DeeDee ;-(

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for your kind comments. Although we are closer to Bernice, Max has shown his dignity in making the transition from this life to whatever is or isn't next.

As I continue to see others deal with their end of life experience, I realize to face it in a positive way, is indeed the way to face it.

Cheers and Thanks!

John said...


I am sorry to hear about Max's condition. It is a difficult, sad situation but your collage reflects a sense of "never giving up" fighting on. Wishing for the best.

PS - Bernice's quilts are fantastic, a talented lady.

tony said...

Life's Contradiction.Strength & Weakness Walk Hand In Hand.

Sam Juliano said...

Needless to say my friend, I am deeply moved by this post and of your heartfelt sadness and remembrances. The song is touching and the collage affecting. I can't say much more in fear of broaching the area of cliche, but my heart reaches out to both of you at this most lamentable of times.

Coffee Messiah said...

John - Thanks, BTW, Bernice is rather widely known in the quilt world, as she's been hand quilting for many, many years. We were surprised just how famous she is, but not in her creativity.

Tony - Couldn't sum it up any better myself.

Sam: mentioned above, we have spent time with him, but not as much as Bernice. For someone so quiet, he has shown such dignity in his slow trail to death, you just can't be overcome with awe in the experience.

karen said...

Hey CM,
Thanks for popping in at maggie's and offering a great book suggestion...and yeah....we are on quite a journey into the creative. I've put off this part of myself for all my only parent (24/7) child rearing years and though I keep getting tugged back in that desire to create is stronger than ever.
I appreciate your thoughtful comments and support. Do hope all is well in your corner of the universe.

Coffee Messiah said...

mg:If it's in there, it will certainly find a way out at some point....

layers said...

my brother in law was just told that he has stage 4 lung cancer-- your collage illustrates your feelings right now- sorry to hear of anyone suffering with anything.

Coffee Messiah said...

layers: Thanks for stopping by. It's all horrible, suffering with anything in life. Watching someone go with dignity like it's no big deal, is amazing.

Tom said...

such a familiar story. Erin at The Tiny Leaf talks of pain and staying positive, much as you do here...
you're right of course, no sense in anything but facing these things head on, with a smile

Coffee Messiah said...

tom: Thanks - negativity never gets anyone anywhere and why make it any worse than it is? -

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hello! C.M.,
I'am so sorry to read and hear about Max transition from this earth as we know it...I just want his wife, to know he is in your readers, thoughts and prayers too!

Coffee Messiah said...

dd: Thanks and appreciate your coming back and leaving another comment. Cheers!

Gaby Bee said...

Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope 2011 brings you loads of love, laughter and creativity.

Hugs, Gaby

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks Gaby and the same to you also!!!