Friday, December 24, 2010


Wishing ya'll the Best and Thanks as always
for stopping by and taking a look see,
commenting or not.
Hope to be back in the saddle again
next year sometime!


Sam Juliano said...

A very Merry Christmas to you Michael, and Best Wishes for the best year ever in 2011. It has been a great fortune to have met you and to sustain a friendship with you. Your spirit and generosity are most appreciated.

tony said...

Have A Coooooooooool Christmas!

Coffee Messiah said...

sam: You know how I feel - Thanks & Cheers!

tony: The best to you and your family!

karen said...

Hope your holiday was merry and bright! And if I might take a moment here...I'd like to thank you for your's been most, and always a treat to stop in here.
Wishing you another wonderful year in 2011.
merry merry dear friend!

Coffee Messiah said...

mg: That's nice of you to say, and appreciate your taking the time to comment.
Seems we've ll come a long way.

Naj said...

Happy new year, old friends.

Coffee Messiah said...

naj - Cheers and here's hoping, although we shan't hold our breaths, eh?

California Girl said...

A belated Merry Christmas and an upcoming Happy New Year to you. Thank you for the beautiful collages and sentiments you share.

Coffee Messiah said...

cg: Thanks and our best to ya'll also. Been nice being virtual friends with everyone!

California Girl said...

I re-read a number of your recent posts. I take it Max died 12-09-10? If so, I am so terribly sorry for your loss and his family. Your collage makes alot of sense to me now; more than the first time I saw it. (I can be a bit slow)

Wishing you a Happier New Year and looking forward to your many lovely works. Enjoyed the music on this post.

Coffee Messiah said...

cg: No problem and best wishes to all of you also. You've made quite the transition.
Need to circulate the blogs again - been awhile. Cheers!