Friday, June 29, 2012

dog days of june

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New series -
Recycled cardboard, page from
a book from the 1890s -

A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning,

as if supported by the rays of the sun,

a bird settled on the fire escape,

joy in the task of coffee,

joy accompanied me as I walked.

Anais Nin

A friend takes an annual sabbatical in
Key West,  Florida every year -
This is a bucci (coffee) cuban -
Looks great to me -

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Made this one a few weeks ago -

Hope ya'll are holding up in the heat -
Wonder what August holds in store?


karen said...

The coffee looks sooo do your collages. I've missed you. I've been out of the loop for a while as Maggie's Secret garden blog went belly up when the star of the blog my pooch Maggie passed away from cancer at 10 years old...I kinda lost it there for a while. And then couldn't go back to the page. Now I'm here in this new blog (mysimplegestures)tryingto catch up again...still sort of in a have been sort of silent for a while...but happy to come here and visit with you today...always inspirational. I sort of lost the passion for my hobby (collaging) as well and am just starting to get back up on that it's always good to see what you've been pumping out as inspiration...thanks.
I know this is gonna sound so 80's....but Stay Cool! Think you're having the heatwave there as well huh? This heat's a real bummer.

Coffee Messiah said...

Hello and Thanks for stopping by -
Been wondering what happened to you and am sorry to hear about your pet -
Earlier this year my girlfriends cat of 20 left us too -
Yes, the heat's been unbearable and appears will continue, but maybe not quite so bad -
Have linked you again and will look in later = Cheers!