Sunday, July 08, 2012

heat of summer

click to enlarge

Found a painting in a second hand shop
out here, and thought I'd play with it -

And this is the result -

It's been awkward, the glue and gesso
dry as soon as it's hitting the boards
and papers -

With the humidity, temps have been
hovering between 102 - 111 from
noon on -

Hope everyone is doing as well
as can be -

Me, I wouldn't mind some ocean breeze
and fog about now = Cheers!


Tom said...

that painting has some weird angles and shapes. So far this summer has been quite dreadful...hopefully we'll turn a corner soon and have some space to make memories

Coffee Messiah said...

Tom - yes to less heat and more memorable days than trying to stay cool and raise the electric bill = Cheers!