Saturday, February 23, 2008

al jazzbeaux collins

jazzbo info link

in the purple grotto - ny circa 1957
mad magazine

Does anyone have the Purple Grotto
lp that would trade a copy for something?

If so, please email.

the swearing in of the bandidos
no longer available

al jazzbo collins


Squirrel said...

Mad Magazine??? Is that a Geo. Wood Illustration?

I loved that mag when I was a kid.

That Sumatra w/ cherry overtones sounds like a good coffee! I am going to start exploring beyond my French roast.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: Yes, that is a G Wood illustration. ; )

Oh yes, try something besides French Roast.

Try some Mocha Java (1/2lb) with (1/2lb) Sulawesi.....Mmmmmmm.

Grind and brew.............

libhom said...

Thanks for signing up for and publicizing the March 19 Blogswarm Against the Iraq War.

roger said...

ah yes...we ride on our burros!!

dennis said...

Dennis wants to ride on a burro.

Bobby D. said...


Bobby D. said...

Here is a list of Scarlett Johansson's BEST films--worth watching!

Ghost World (starred with Thora Birch)

Lost in translation (starred with Bill Murray)

Girl with the Pearl Earring (Colin Firth as Vermeer)

An American Rhapsody (True story of Zsuzsi Sandor)

Manny & Lo

The Horse Whisperer (with Robert Redford)

I did not care for the Woody Allen Movie she was in
(Match Point).

Unknown said...

I would enjoy listening to that LP.

Coffee Messiah said...

libhom: Thank You! That it continues to drag, is a sad situation, especially for those Iraqis, who suffer most.

roger: He was a grand soul!

denni: I'd like a picture of that!

dcb: I guess I have seen her, in the 1st 2 films anyway.

nick: I'll throw one up here every now and then.