Sunday, February 20, 2011

fluxus chicago

Top: Picasso Gaglione
Vulcanizers for making rubber stamps -
Box sets - Stamp Land, Chicago
Inside Stamp Land -
Ray Johnson - mail artist
Inside the Chicago Cultural Center
Giveaways at the MCA Flux Fest, Chicago
Inside Stamp Land, Chicago
Top - Received from Reid Wood
Inside Stamp Land, Chicago
Inside Stamp Land, Chicago
Inside MCA - Flux Fest, Chicago
Dinner, gathering for participants and friends
Great dessert at Stamp Land, Chicago
Pre Flux - near the Bean, Chicago Illinois
In Chicago for Flux Fest and had a chance to meet
some old and new friends - 
These are a small portion of what we saw and did -
We saw an Art O Mat machine and had a copy
of one of my collages, which you can almost see
in his left hand - Each token for a piece of art
is $5.00 and I gave him the card - in case
he did not like what he got out of the machine -
Not sure how impressed he was, but he had
a big smile and a hearty hand shake -


Anonymous said...


I am sure he would have loved it..

the art o mat machines are so cool...

Keith Buchholz said...

Really great to meet you both, Wish I'd had more time to visit ....seemed like I was always running....

karen said...

Love the art o mat machine! That's pretty cool. Were you able to see the Vivian Maier photo exhibition?
One of these days I'm going to have to check out the stamp land.

Coffee Messiah said...

grrl: Hi ya and Thanks - seems most folks are willing to plop $20.00 to get 4 pieces of art - pretty cool indeed!

keith: We were like ghosts in the night and were indeed sorry we could not chat - I always wait until the smoke clears and it didn't appear to be at the time - we'll meet again I'm sure = Thanks and Cheers!

maggie: Yes to the VM exhibit and the Off The Beaten Path, Violence, Women and Art which was powerful -
Be sure to check them out and go into the Project Onward Gallery, 1st floor - some amazing people with disabilities making amazing art - we spoke to a few and were blown away - Cheers!

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.
Very nice photographs...Taking at Flux Fest and Stamp Land... I hope that you, had an enjoyable visit...Thanks, for sharing the photographs too!
DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

Hello DD and Thanks for stopping by - it was great - Cheers!

Sam Juliano said...

Great that you enjoy yourself Michael, and these pictures tell the tale. I'm assuming you are back now, and looking ahead to some spring weather! Hope all is well.

Coffee Messiah said...

sam: Sorry I did not notice your comment - been mainly updating The World Is A Town these days - yes, nice to meet some old "mail" friends that we have never met in person before - alas, spring = yes and other things of course - will post an email over the weekend = Cheers!

Subby said...

Is tha' Picasso in th' window photos, up top? My first glance had me thinkin' it was "Roscoe Arbuckle". Upon close-up, I find I am in error...

Coffee Messiah said...

subT: Picasso is in the piano photo, the top photo is Reed A and old mail art friend who we also met for the 1st time at this event - Cheers!

Subby said...

Cool! Tha' piano reminded me of a local club tha' used to do "electro-bashing" ;]

Coffee Messiah said...

subT: I have some youtube videos under coffeemessiah2 where you can see his store/non store - think I've taken 4 - CU ; )

Anil P said...

There was always something authentic about rubber stamps. I don't see them used as much back here. I hope the practice survives.

Coffee Messiah said...

anilP: Hello and Thanks - need to catch up with your journeys - and Yes, many still use rubber stamps in mail art and I believe crafters still use them = Cheers!