Thursday, October 23, 2008

games people play, don't forget to vote

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Coffee was often delivered door to door
in the United States, by horse pulled wagons.
A different version of todays coffee carts!

This morning I received a nice note from Nick
at the Duck Pond Pottery and Coffee shop.
Click on the name to see a few clips and photos
of his place, located in the mountains of
North Carolina. Wish I had known when I
was out there earlier in the year. I certainly
like the view and how his place looks.

Say "hello" if you drop by his blog.
Looks like he's just starting it.

Stars & Stripes March 16, 1986
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Iran-Contra Information

That picture depicts what I've been thinking ever since I was a young kid,
and never understood
why I never heard anyone express the
same thoughts.
Although I do feel when some extreme problem pops up
in the World, we should help our fellow
humans, how is it we can
send millions and millions
of dollars all over the world,
yet here in our country everything
is going bad?
And we're told there is no money left for
anything here?


Colette Amelia said...

I don't know how wise I am...but as I was studying the whole government foreign aid donations to other countries I learned that most of the money that goes to other countries does not in fact go to other countries. Some of the aid is paid to suppliers or contractors of the home donating countries...much of the aid is nothing more than arms or military supplies or funding.

With many countries subsidizing farmers to grow surplus crops in the west there is a need for the crops to go somewhere and in many countries they are forced to buy these subsidized crops from the west thereby putting their farmers at an disadvantage.

Most of the aid is attached with conditions and indebtness that leave the debtor countries bancrupt and having restrictions on supporting their own social programs like education and health and many of these loans and the interest on them is leaving the debtor countries so far in debt that there is no way that they will ever repay.

The foreign aid saga is such a big troublesome complicated thing that it is mind boggling.

And what or who were the contras? And what did all the money go for? guns to support the removal of a government that was not pro capitalism.

Sorry for the rant.

Joanne said...

Like the idea of morning music sessions over at Duckpond Coffee. That would be a nice idea to catch on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Big Bro-
Just voted and love the song. I had forgotten about it. David's song was great too. I saw them (D and T)last, a couple of years ago at an open studio.
I love you~

Coffee Messiah said...

colette: You are right on all counts. Although we do not like to pay taxes, and seem to pay taxes on every damn thing, without them, how do you pay for wars, let alone local police, firemen, schools etc? You don't and we are in a mess with this whole idea of paying less taxes. The little guy is taxed to death and we all know it. We had a small business for 4 yrs and we received no help or tax break. We know a couple who recycle aluminum and they still receive tax abatements (since '99). That's the big tax problem. business's not paying not only a fair share, but taxes at all. And yes, Reagan made many attempts to fund and did the contras, but later had a big fight on his hands. And so it goes....

joanne: Looks cool, doesn't it. I can imagine sitting in a winters snow with that wood fireplace sipping a cuppa!

shar: Good for you. Make sure Shanebo does also! Love U 2! ; )

Unknown said...

Love the look of the Duckpond Coffeeshop! Looks like good laidback fun!

Kurt said...

We get our coffee beans delivered to our door, along with all our food. It's called Fresh Direct.

R.L. Bourges said...

oh the games people play, for sure. Iran-Contras then, gazillion to the President of Georgia today, while the Georgians themselves have been blown out of house and home. Over here, the expenses at the Elysée have never been more outrageous it goes.

Enjoy your coffee, cm. And thanks for blogrolling me. Can't reciprocate unfortunately, but it's much appreciated.


tut-tut said...

Think of what all that Iraq war monies could have done here in the past eight years.

If I lived closer, I'd go to that pottery/coffee shop. Nice salsa, too!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wandered over to the duckpond from here and then got lost (there are 12 blogs in their profile!)- looks like a fun place - but where in the world is brevard, north carolina? wonder if we'd ever wander through it on a wander....I love ducks, ponds, coffee, music and pottery!

thinking of your more serious 'issues' all I can say is redistribute the wealth!!but not to wealthy individuals, corporate profits and war machines!

lettuce said...

likely its the same as over here - millions (billions) ARE being spent in the country, just not on the right things...

including bonuses for directors etc.... i hear thats STILL going on over there? and here too, no doubt

makes one despair.
but a good cup of coffee helps

(so long as the first cup of the day is tea)

Coffee Messiah said...

absolute: It surely does. Thanks for stopping by!

kurt: Does that mean the farmers pick the beans and deliver direct? If so, what's their number?

rlb: We keep trying to figure out how we could make that long leap ourselves. Something tells me we'd be just as happy being poor in europe as least we'd have what we really enjoy at our fingertips.

t & t: Sadly, that $$$ won't be paid back, except by future generations, hence the loans from China etc! ; (

kimy: What can I say ; (

lettuce: Of course, we're not alone.

As mentioned, we do enjoy good tea also, just not to start the day.
; )